Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Re-posting <--- My personal favourite! Mostly from the USA but you'll know all the people she blogs about and if, like me, you love the hills there is loads of hills gossip and also you can watch the videos on there before they come out in the UK <--- The most famous but kinda a bit to American, I don't know some of the people :( But he is excellent and brutal. <-- BASICALLY tila tequila had a reality show about how she liked men and women and was going to pick one to love (lucky them) she then did another show afterwards which was exactly the same but different people. So...pointless? And her video launch was basically about how she's better than perez hilton - not likely tila! This blog is funny cos its so ridiculous.

I love 90210

What's the storyline of 90210? No idea - doesn't really matter ....

I am confused..

It is impossible to know which one of these ladies to love more. Even if Heidi has gone crazy <3

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I am wearing my hair extensions tomorrow x


That last blog made no sense at all! It's a keeper!

It's because it's now half 2, although for some reason it's saying its like 6pm? No - not dinner time, bed time. N'night xxx

Goodbye Fern

These blogs are now not from Fern, there from Briles Piglet - which is me! Briles is similar to my surname and what some people call me, and piglets is the whose shannagins. That makes sense because its almost half past 2.

The fern thing won't make sense but basically at the end of every blog it was saying posted by Fern....who the hell is Fern?

Lots of love xxx

Okay so the last blog was a little random, a brer rabbit story! But I used to read those stories when I was younger and for some reason, as it's 2 in the morning, I just thought of it! He's a cutie <3